What's up everyone! My name is Frankie and I started Sneaker Dreams back when I lived in NYC. I always had a passion for sneakers and the rich history sneakers have. My passion for sneakers is what pushed me to start my own buy, sell, and trade store to cater to all who love sneakers. When you shop with me you get reasonable pricing and superb quality. Always dream big!


  • A passion for sneakers began back in 2011 with these black cements. This photo was taken that year when I worked at Champs Sports. That year was a great time in the sneaker world, not much reselling just collecting and crazy store lines full of sneaker collectors.

  • My very first cashout happened in 2020, which is a moment I captured here picking out a pair of Jordans. I bought about 60 pairs that totalled out to $10K, my biggest cashout at the time. I was so excited to stock up with inventory to be able to start my company with the thing I love so much, sneakers.

  • My very first YouTube video! I didn’t know what to do or say on this video at first. I decided to share my inspiration: Michael Jordan. MJ was a big part in my life as a kid, I wanted to be just like him. I loved his sneakers and loved his passion and motivation to always be better.